Effective Management Consultancy

The company and strategy

The philosophy of Effective Management Consultancy (EMC) is to teach organizations how to change, not just to tell them how to change. We achieve this by designing organization improvements in a facilitated rather than a dictated way through the transfer of knowledge to the Customer organization on how to effectuate the change, in which way they not only increase the level of acceptance for the improvements ad hand but also adopt the ability for successfully conducting future changes themselves.

This means in practice that we provide implementation of change, not a stack of papers on what way to change. This philosophy is equivalent to that of Canadian-based Process Renewal Group or PRG (see www.processrenewal.com), with whom we have a close working relationship. PRG, founded by business process 'guru' Roger Burlton, has developed proprietary approaches and methodologies to facilitate organizational change, which are fully licensed to EMC.

Our experience in the application of the PRG proprietary developed methodologies, tools and techniques can be considered as one of the key elements that assures the success of EMC.

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