Effective Management Consultancy

The company and strategy

Effective Management Consultancy (EMC) is a small yet internationally operating consulting firm that successfully guides organizations through change. We support profit and not-for-profit organizations to manage business change in an end-to-end way from the strategic intent through implementation on any level in the organization. We see it as our commitment to help dramatically improve our Customers' performance through a better alignment of their internal factors, such as people, information technology, facilities, procedures, rules and regulations.

The improvement of these internal factors is completely based on an outside-in look where the focus is on the organization's Critical Success Factors (CSF's) to satisfy all its Stakeholders (anyone who cares about or can influence the organization, including but not limited to the Customer Stakeholder).

This is done in a balanced way through integrated Business Process Management and Continuous Improvement, because business processes constitute all the things we do in an organization AND a business process is the only proper mechanism that brings together the organizational resources and constraints.

EMC has Customers around the world in many different industries; we have therefore accumulated business process and organization improvement skills and best practices that can be leveraged for other Customers in a way that respects their proprietary knowledge and intellectual capital. Our approach therefore supports a very effective and efficient change process.

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